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My Rock N’ Roll Mom

FAMILY - My late Mother with me (2nd from left),
brother and Dad in 2003.
I call her “A Rock n’ Roll Mom”. Yes, my mom is “a rock n’ roll person”. It means she is a very, very easy going person, caring, and also struggling in life. Of course, I’m so lucky to have her. I grew up with full of love that she never stop giving to me. No wonder, until now, I still feel that she will always be there when I need her.

Actually, it was not me calling her a rock n roll mom. It was my friends that gave her such a nick name. A lot of my friends said, my mom was very associate. She often had a long chit chat with my friends when they spent the night at our house.

Not just struggling, she’s also a surviving person. She helped my father a lot to solve our economic problem, since my father just a civil servant. She did anything. She’s selling goods, clothes, and other things just to increase our family income. Then she opened a catering service that still runs until now.

My mom never feels tired. What in her mind was only how to make money to guarrantee my brother and me finishing study. Thanks God, we both passed our S-2 degree, because of her hard work, and my father’s, of course.

I was so happy when my father assigned as a state treasurer in Indonesia Embassy in Rome, Italy, around year of 2000. The things look better then, and my mom had the chance to enjoy a nice life there, that she “deserved”.

Like most normal moms, sometimes she got angry, scolded me when I made mistakes, very, very often, actually. But of course, it did’t mean she hates me. Because when everything back to normal, she’s also back to become an angel.

Too many problems I create, too many times i made her upset, but she never lost her affection. She’s always trying to become a good mom, which she really is. Yeahh, in this way,I am agree with Iwan Fals that says mom’s affection likes a spring in his song called “Emak”.

I remember making her sad so bad, when I was in a junior high school. I got run away from home because my mom didn’t allow me to smoke. I hide in my best friend’s house. But I couldn’t stay longer because my father then pick me up dan brought me home. My father said my mom burst into tears and wanted me back so bad.

And when I got home, I felt so guilty making my mom felt so miserable. So since then, I promise to myself not to let her down anymore. But ironically, I always did that again, making my mom crying, keep her in agony, especially when I was in a high school and college. FYI, after that incident, my mom gave me a promise that I may smoke when I got into a senior high school.

was she rock n roll enough?
My mom is realy, really rock n’ roll. Rock n roll, real rock n’ roll I mean.She loves rock n’ roll because it’s a kind of music that adored by my father. So, the songs from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple Uriah Heep etc, were very familiar in my mom’s ears.

In “my era”, she liked “Wind of Change”, song from Scorpions and “Tears In Heaven” (Eric Clapton) very much. And what makes amazed me, my mom was very attentive about music I heard. As I remember, my mom asking a lot about Bon Jovi, Slaugther, and even Motley Crue.

One time she said, she like very much a voice of the late Dayan, a vocalist of rock progressive, from Surabaya, Grass Rock. My mom also sing a lot in karaoke and again, “Wind of Change” is her favorit song to sing.

Today, I am more and more realize that my mom gave so many good influences to me, to become a real person. Such influences that I want to give to my children.

03 September 2011 | 05:13

PS: My mom passed away at 13 Augus 2012


  1. hai oom Edu..toss dulu dong.. Mama saya Rock N'Roll juga.. Beliau dulu senangnya nyanyi-nyayi Lagu SLANK album-album pertama...hehehehe.. And I'm very excited Edukrisdanefa Mom like Grass Rock :D

  2. wahahahah sori om Yos.. baru ngeh kalo ini om Yos..hehheeh sama sama rock n roll nih nyokap kita hahahaha..